Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In or Out?

So, the sunshine and the spring have finally made a very welcome appearance! How much of a difference do they make to your life and your mood?

I find the sunshine puts a few extra smiles in the world and that can only be a good thing!

My gym membership ended last month and so I have been experiencing the joys of outdoor exercise again for the first time since I was training for the marathon last year (and even then I only did a handful of outdoor runs if I am honest!).

As I was running along the river to Hampton Court yesterday, I compiled a list of pros and cons to my new outdoor cadio v my old friend, the gym….

Outdoor pros

  • Sunshine
  • Fresh Air
  • Lung work out
  • Seeing life
  • Enjoying the views
  • More interesting
  • Opportunity to try different routes
  • A chance to explore the area
  • Inspiration for new places to take the kids
  • It’s free
  • Endless variety
  • Start working out the minute I leave the house, no need for travel
  • No smelly people on the treadmill next to me spraying their sweat across
  • No need to always have £1 for lockers

Outdoor cons

  • The little bug things that keep flying in my mouth/up my nose
  • No trashy TV to watch or BBC news to catch up on or radio to listen to
  • Having to take and carry as much water as I’ll need
  • Being slightly scared of the woods/river path even though I always go safe routes my imagination does override my common sense on occasions
  • It’s not right next to Sainsbury so I can’t link gym/shopping, bike ride home (although this should go under pros too as Sainsbury shopping after a run was dangerous as I would be so hungry, I’d buy way too much!)
  • No little digital information provider telling me how far/long/fast I’ve been running
  • If I run too far, I’ve still got to get myself home
  • Weather dependant

13 v 8

In conclusion, I have found that my new al fresco style exercise is better all round!

Enjoy the sunshine and smiles x

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